Monday, March 23, 2009

Something to think about: Are Parents Really That Great?

If this is a dull day for is something to think about: Are Parents really that great?

Sure your parents feed you and dress you and take you places...but they also do bad things. They say things like: someday when you're can ask your husband to give you can ask your husband to give you massages...maybe for a wedding present. Not to mention that when they have bad weeks, we here about it. Whenever people are coming over, the house is suddenly a pigsty.

But I was willing to put all these things aside and just love my parents for who they are. (note my profile).

But this morning was the last straw!

Today I made an undesired trip (sponsored and desired by my parents) to the dentist's office in which they held my mouth open for about twenty minutes, stuck little metal things to my teeth and then tied rubber bands to the said metal things.

Tonight I couldn't eat most of my dinner in a timely and pleasant fashion because my front four teeth hurt so bad.

I just got the braces this morning and I already hate them.

Which brings me to my next question: are sisters really that great?

I'll have to ask my older sister why she finished her braces so that I'd have to get mine on!


Flip-side on the story:

Last night my family threw a big "last night without braces" party. We ordered pizza and had ice cream with pie and caramel. This morning I also had a Jamba juice for lunch.

But that still doesn't change the fact that I don't like braces.

Sincerely (especially the part about hating braces),


My before and after pictures...I am not pleased.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today I went on a field trip with my homeschool group. We did some interesting things there, like looking at bugs (no, excuse me - insects), petting sea stars (and other things like tarantulas), and saying that the lady who organized our field trip ruled the world.

But by FAR the most exciting part for me was the butterflies. We went into a large greenhouse-like room where butterflies from the rainforest flew all OVER the place! I felt breathless almost as soon as I walked into the room (mostly because it was so humid). My favorite type was a blue butterfly that looked plain when it closed it's wings, but was a brilliant blue when it opened them. although this butterfly was pretty, it never held still and I couldn't get any pictures of it.

But I did get pictures of other butterflies, some of which I would like to show you!