Monday, June 22, 2009

In my own back yard!

A few days ago, I saw some splashes of color in my back yard. Since I live in the trees, most of the colors I see are brown and dark green. But I saw other colors, so I took out my camera and took pictures of all these beautiful flowers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Poem

Hey everyone who reads my blog, I just wanted to show you a random poem that I wrote for a writing class this past school year.


The world is full of emptiness
Empty hearts full of hate
Empty minds plotting deceit
Any help that has come has come too late.

Then the rain comes
After endless toil
It washes limb and life
Destroying everything with the soil.

Finally after forty days and nights
We emerge from our home of wood
And in this new and empty world
There is hope of good.

The people’s faith in me was empty
They seemed so confident
But now in danger they panic
Am I really the one you sent?

With a mass behind and a mass in front
I don’t know what to do!
I can’t do this on my own
But that’s why my faith is in You.

With a simple lift of a staff
The waters make a path!
The ocean is emptied; its floor is clearly shown
While Egyptians see God’s wrath

The world is now empty
The savior has left
He was killed by his own people
Forgiving us with His last breath

In sadness, we make our way to the grave
But what can we do when we get there?
We crest the hill and gasp
The stone is rolled away and we can do nothing but stare

Inside are guards dressed in white
What do they mean ‘he isn’t here’?
The tomb is empty
And there is nothing to fear.

Is this easy to tell who I'm talking about?

That's all for now, Jocelyn :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Something to think about: Phones

As I said in my last post, I have a cold. One of the worst I have had in a while. SO bad, that I am actually doing something I never thought I'd do-I am losing my voice.
Although I m getting a little better now, it is still really bad. On Sunday I would start to try to talk in a slightly more normal tone (normal meaning I didn't sound like a caveman) and my voice disappeared. I would try to talk 'high' and my voice just wasn't there.
This leads into my thinking point-Phones.
Phones are really cool and everything but they OBVIOUSLY have some sound problems. A couple of days ago, when I was still talking like cave-Joss (my voice about ten octaves lower than usual-to give you a glimpse of how that sounds, my voice is lower than most thirteen year old guys I know) the phone rings.
I answer the phone.
"Hi, is this Catey?"
Ok. My older sister Catey, has the highest voice in the world, almost an octave higher than mine. She is a social butter fly and could be labeled as a 'Miss Susy Sunshine'. And with the tone my voice was at that day, I'm surprised that lady didn't ask if it was my dad.
Just something new to think about, which brings me to my next point; which is better-phones, or e-mail?
I don't have time to get into long drawn-out arguments right now, but maybe next time.
I'll be back soon with some more stuff to think about.
I'm sorry if I've shocked you with writing this many posts in-was that only two days? If you end up going into shock and have to go to the hospital, I'm sorry. You can leave a complaint in the 'comment' section.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Our lovely costumes for a lovely week!
(Well, almost lovely-maybe more busy)

Unlike what my mother says, VBS is fun...most of the time.This was what I was thinking when I met my group; Oh my goodness they're sooo cute! Uh-Oh, that girl looks scared. This girl only answers my questions with 'no' and raspberries. This girl is crying because she's scared of some of our Jr. crew leaders. This girl is completely spoiled rotten, she is really pushing it! Why is that Jr. crew leader only holding onto that girl when there are fifteen kids in our room?Other than that, though, I am enjoying VBS a lot. And my kids are sooooo cute! Except for the stinker But I am convinced that while Mother dear says two-year-olds are exhausting, four and five-year-olds are tiring too...especially when you have a cold and three times a day you are doing a workout. (By aworkout I mean worship. The worship team learns the worship songs in advance so that they can teach the kids, and it really is a workout!)

Getting to know my kids (ahem- not my, uh, real kids) was really fun. And almost all of them simply ooooozed sweetness! (Once again, except for the stinker)

Hear is a random note:

As I said, I am on the worship team. Since I work with four and five year olds, it is my job to keep them interested in the songs. (You smile really big, you jump really big, you do facial expressions really big, you dance really big, and you CRASH REALLY BIG!) Yesterday, we had pictures taken with us and our kids (again, NOT our real kids) and I began to feel a strange sensation around my mouth. I knew my smile looked cheesy, but I could not make it un-cheesy! There is such a thing as smiling too much...but not when it hurts...I was just out of real smiles!

A couple of days ago, someone asked me if I would be happy when VBS was reply was "I wont be happy when it's over.......but I wont be sad either. I'll just think it was a good thing while it lasted...but now it is DONE!"

Although I most definitely will not be coming back next week for VBS, I will most definitely be back next year!!!!!