Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There once was a girl...

Let me tell you the story of a happy little girl. She was an artist, a musician and a speaker. She was the queen of the world and was pretty much amazing. In the drear times of day, she would ask herself questions. The thought provoking questions that everyone asks themselves every once in a while. Questions like: Who am I? What is the purpose for my life? Why is there so much evil in the world if God is a good God? Where are all of my socks?

You know, the normal stuff.

Then the news hit her. Her mom and sister wanted to go away to North Carolina. Forever. Well, not really forever, but it might as well have been. They were going away for a whole week. At this point, it was only sure that her sister was going, but this girl (Who was selfless and amazing) did the amazingly selfless thing and offered to stay home with her younger sister and two younger brothers so that her mom could go too.

The girl took things pretty well...before her mom and sister left. After that, she tried to look at the whole thing as a learning experience.

She learned that those so-called "Thought provoking questions" could be answered easily. Who am I? Cinderella. What is the purpose of my life? To be a slave...and stay alive. Why is there so much evil in the world if God is a good God? That wasn't the point. It didn't matter if God was good...it mattered if the people were.

She made up new unanswerable questions. Why did it matter who you were if you couldn't even take a shower before lunch? Why did I agree to this? How could I let the boys watch so many movies already? How can the boys think I have patience for this? WHERE ARE MY SOCKS?

finally, this girl got to get on her dad's computer and wrote down her memoirs. So she died in agony. the end.

Just kidding! The end was in the style of a fairy tale. No comment on the beginning and middle...

I just want to say that I miss my Mom and sister. I also want to thank the people who are helping me!
Besides, this gives me practice for when my sister moves out...*Joss...I mean the girl-breaks into hysterics* and the jocelberry patch is never written in again.


JillY said...

First off....welcome to my world.
Second....you are HILARIOUS! Third...THANK YOU, you selfless, amazing girl!

And last....Levi says, "Good luck with the socks."